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Spiritual practice is an integrated part of my daily life.


Photos by InSight Foto, Inc. PO BOX 2789 Santa Fe, NM 87504 USA www.insightfoto.com (505) 988-1424My 45 years of meditation practice allows me to sit in emptiness, in quiet connection to spirit. Equally important has been to sit when I am restless, distracted, all of it.

Perhaps the deepest and most thorough lesson I have learned is that living life is not necessarily easy, or fun. To live here on Earth, we can live in the wonder and beauty of this planet and life itself, and also be able to stay present when it’s hard and painful. There really is not any conflict in living spiritual practice, recognizing our divinity, and enjoying life, as well as, enduring and developing resilience when we need it.

When I began to journey, in the shamanic way, I found it was more like remembering than learning something new.  My connection to the unseen world helped me become clear about things I had been sensitive to my entire life.

My experience in shamanic healing is a continuation of my training in energy and biological medicine as I practiced Chinese Medicine and Nutritional Therapeutics for 23 years.  I have found shamanic healing to be a perfect match to the healing that is needed in today’s world as it has been throughout time.  My 18 years in shamanic healing has evolved in a wonderful way.

I have been fortunate to train with extraordinary teachers including Sandra Ingerman, Betsy Bergstrom, and others.  Through the Foundation of Shamanic Studies, I completed the three-year training in Advanced Shamanic Studies.  This training gave me an excellent foundation in shamanic practice.  I have also completed specific training in soul retrieval, extraction, healing with spiritual light, psychopomp, Siedr, compassionate depossession, curse & thought-form unwinding, as well as other shamanic methodologies.  I completed the two-year Shamanic Teacher training with Sandra Ingerman, as well as, the two-year Wheel of Life Middle World training, and the Compassionate Depossession teacher training with Betsy Bergstrom.


Hannah’s very straightforward approach to shamanic work is refreshing and immediately inspired my trust. I have been a practitioner in similar dedication and work for 20 years, and rarely find others that “meet” me in the same way that she has. I am grateful for her work and the subsequent healing and discoveries it has helped me to embody.

– Celia, Santa Fe, NM


My sessions with Hannah gave me much more than I expected. On the one hand, I was looking for insights into habits I couldn’t break, or other negative, recurring patterns in my life. Instead, those patterns either evaporated, or I discovered a fundamental switch point in my belief system that allowed me to make life decisions more consciously.

On the other hand, Hannah’s matter-of-fact ease in moving among the mundane and ‘unseen’ worlds gave me a practical model for integrating my own sense of spirituality. Today, from working with her, I am more congruent in my inner and outer life than I ever would have hoped.

– Elsie Maio

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I have worked with Hannah Quinn for several years now, scheduling sessions as needed. I have been, and continue to be, extremely impressed by the level of integrity she brings to her work. She is both grounded in the realities of this world, and highly skilled in her practice with the shamanic realms. She has helped me immeasurably, especially in working through some large life issues and “putting myself back together” to move powerfully forward in life.  It is no overstatement to say that Hannah Quinn has altered the course of my life, much for the bette.
It should also be known that in addition to her professionalism and high skill level, she is a loving, smart, and delightful human being with a great sense of humor.  I look forward to our sessions every time, not only for the work we will be doing together, but also just to see Hannah.  A beautiful person, inside and out.
This is serious work Hannah practices. Important work. Life-altering work.

– Karen


Hannah Quinn has tracked, untangled, and removed so many things for me! When there were things I needed to do myself, she guided me. Her work has helped me move forward on my path. I don’t know what I’d do without her help.

I am a shamanic practitioner, but there have been entanglements, possessions, curses/spells I was unable to track or heal for myself. Hannah did. She freed me of very old challenges. I am forever grateful.

– Connie


When I started working with Hannah, I was dealing with recurring depression and repressed memories from childhood trauma and abuse. I had tried different healing modalities such as acupuncture, medication and talk therapy, but none of those modalities “cured” me. So I decided to try shamanic healing in the hope that connecting with the spiritual world would give me a different perspective and allow me to understand and to fully heal from the wounds of my past.  What really worked for me is Hannah’s collaborative approach to healing. She is a truly gifted healer with deep connections to the spiritual world, yet she is also fully present and grounded in reality.  Moreover, she is a delightful, caring and compassionate person and I am honored to work with her, and she has an extremely cute dog.

– Jeanne, Albuquerque, NM


 I needed Hannah’s extraordinary guidance, though I didn’t know it until I started working with her. What I knew was that I felt stuck in a place in life after years of care-giving and personal transformation. I craved clarity and freedom. From the very first session, I felt like she had loosened something old and unnecessary in me, a view of myself no longer valid. That alone lightened the load for the rest of our sessions as each builds beautifully on the previous. Hannah’s focused and steady soul navigation helped me witness my issues from different perspectives without judgment. She engaged my mind when necessary but allowed my higher self and other benevolent beings to unwind the knots, identify and release negative patterning and reveal a possible new life landscape for me.

 There are very few times I’ve been lucky enough to experience an “ah ha” moment, when you can suddenly see what is blocking you and your participation in its existence. She makes you work at it. But, this is what Hannah does best—clear away cobwebs so you can see who you truly are and begin to inhabit that person. I am grateful for her ample gifts and generosity of spirit. . Our work made me feel more connected to myself again.

 Lynnda Pollio, Author, New York, New York



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