Healing Sessions


Session Description: The shamanic healing experience is a collaboration between the shamanic practitioner and the helping and compassionate spirits, and the client.  These sessions address the spiritual aspects of each client’s unique life situation.  The healing can help connect the client to their own inner strength and power, opening opportunities to see accept life as it is, see through obstacles clearly, feel reconnected to life and relate to self and other in healthy ways.

Session Time: Healing sessions are typically 90 minutes to 3 hours. The sessions can be scheduled either locally in my office or as a phone session. If international, Skype or FaceTime is available.

Session Fees: In our initial conversation via email or phone, I will give you an overview of how I work, the shamanic methods that may be used, and the associated fees.  Payment through PayPal is accepted for telephone, Skype or FaceTime sessions.

Questions:  Contact me

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