Shamanic Healing

While shamanic healing methods are ancient and cross cultural, they are extremely relevant and effective to the complexity of our contemporary lives. Shamanic healing is a very efficient way of getting to the heart of the matter.


Shaman is the Siberian word for spiritual healer.  Historically, communities across Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and North and South America looked to shamans for healing and guidance in their individual lives and for the greater good of the community. Today, there is a revival of interest for this type of healing and guidance. It is no longer a new notion that we need help to address the spiritual aspects of confusing physical and emotional life experiences.

Shamanic healing helps make the invisible, visible. It includes methods, that by themselves and in combination, have the potential of unwinding patterns that keep us from being fully present in our lives.  My personal experience, as well as what I observe in clients, is that there is less interference, more room to be our authentic selves, and more choices that can be seen and made.


Soul Retrieval: Ordinary and extraordinary life experiences can leave us feeling like “I have never been the same since” or “I feel lost.” This loss can occur through a traumatic experience such as an accident, death of a loved one, a physical assault, or life threatening illness. In Shamanism this is called “soul loss.” Soul retrieval is the process for restoring this lost essence.

Extraction: Remember the film Ghost Busters and the phrase “I’ve been slimed.” That describes how you might feel if you have been the target of an angry word or gesture. The anger could be intentional out of jealousy or unintentional out of a bad day in traffic. When the feeling does not go away the energy of the thought or gesture has the sensation of staying with us. Extraction refers to the traditional shamanic method of removing these intrusions.

Psycho-Pomp: A complicated word that means helping the spirit of someone who has died, cross over.

Space Clearing and Blessing: Sometimes shamanic healing is needed for structures and land. You may want to smooth the way to selling your home or move into a new home. There may have been a death in a space. Clearing any energies caused by past events on a property is a good practice.

Healing With Spiritual Light: We are divine spirit in a physical body. By remembering, connecting and aligning with who and what we really are, we affect everything that is near us. In fact, we affect anything we put our attention to, no matter the distance. This is a principle of healing with the light of spirit. Another word for this method is transfiguration. The practice is not exclusive to Shamanic healing. It is used by many spiritual traditions on behalf of individuals, communities, and all life.

Compassionate Depossession: When a client is feeling their life is not their own, feeling anger or fear, experiencing moodiness or nightmares, or having self-destructive cravings or addictions, possession by an earth-bound spirit may be the cause. Most possessions are by benign beings who are suffering themselves and are simply attracted to the energetic field of life or a specific person. Compassionate depossession can help restore balance to the client as well as help the possessing spirit cross over.

Unraveling Curses & Thought-forms: Chronic accidents, compulsive thoughts, repeated “bad luck,” or feelings of being under attack may be symptoms of unintentional or intentional ill-wishes or curses. The source of these patterns can be thought-forms we perpetuate ourselves, past- or current-life experiences, or family lines and ancestry.

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