The Nature of Healing


I have been wondering for some time about how I might offer something about the nature of healing that would be of assistance. There is so much ‘out there’ about healing. And for my part, I am really interested in direct experience when it comes to healing, waking up spiritually, etc. etc.  However; If we have misconceptions & misunderstandings about what healing actually is… it can be helpful to have a reference and perhaps a new way to consider what is possible.

In October of 2007 I spent 3 days with John of God, the Brazilian man who is a medium for some 32 surgeons/healers. It is the real thing, and I was reminded that healing sometimes is really uncomfortable. We, as humans, can have a fantastic notion of what healing looks like.. Radiant, amazing light that fills us with bliss and whoop.. we are healed. The truth is that this is possible and does happen. Additionally, the ‘it’ of healing has many faces, many notes. Increments of many things, like spokes in a wheel. And in that variation lives a multitude of possibilities in time, quality as well as outcome.

The spokes I write about are also possibilities. In each of us our experiences, perceptions, genetics, & environment individually weaves our body, our life as we know it. While we share so much, and are connected to each other as well as to all life… simultaneously we are so unique that no one of us is the same. That means that our personal healing experience while sharing some common threads or pieces will be as unique as we are.

One spoke in a wheel of healing is awareness. Here comes the individual part. Awareness for one person might mean that for them to have health & wellness .. they need to pay attention to the details of daily life and change their life style by altering how they eat, how they sleep, what kind of job they have. For someone else it could mean that being mindful of the energy they put out to the world in sound, body language, & action is the most fundamental part of their healing. Awareness can include paying quiet attention to all aspects of our daily experience in life as well as awareness of Spirit/God in all things. A question that is a really good thing to ask is.. What do I need to become aware of in this process of healing? The answers are like listening to all things with gentle and quiet attention. They can arise, may be given to us, can come to us in a moment of clarity, or what I call listening. If you are a visual person the answer may be seen. If you are kinesthetic (feeling being a very strong sense) your awareness ‘vehicle’ maybe through feeling. Researching something can bring awareness. In my own life… I ask a question and wait for the answer, or I do a shamanic journey and take my question to the helping spirits. The answer always comes, but not particularly in my own notion of timeliness.

Stopping is an important spoke. Look around us, at the speed with which everything is moving. When was the last time you did nothing? Nothing as in not contributing a single thing to anything or anybody. No action other than sitting still, doing nothing. Or walking with the sole intent of being present wherever you are. Stepping off the train, listening to the sounds, feeling the pulse of the earth. Taking a breath, and then another. Allowing whatever is there to be there. Including what we don’t like as well as what we do appreciate and love. Getting bored. Avoiding pushing against anything. That’s stopping.

You might wonder what is so important about STOPPING when you are interested in healing.  Stop for a second. Imagine life as busy as it is these days….  how is our body & mind supposed to get the message that healing is needed and wanted when we are rushing and racing from one thing to another. I am convinced that there is a message system, a communication between ourselves and our body. An intelligence that cannot be lied to. In other words our body knows the truth of what we intend and have our attention on.

Both awareness & stopping have the potential of being an incredibly wonderful experience, extremely uncomfortable, and anything in-between. Speaking to the uncomfortable possibility. Learning how to be ok and uncomfortable is a good thing. Uncomfortable does not necessarily imply painful. Uncomfortable can include awkwardness, confusion, change, restlessness, aggitation, etc. etc. Think about awareness & stopping now.. Discovering something about ourselves can make us squirm. It can break through a wall between ourselves and seeing the truth, Awareness & stopping can call our attention to what’s important. Either can bring delicious insights and liveliness and/or uncomfortable feelings and uncertainty.  Being able to sit with what is in our lives has the potential to bring us the life we want. When we stop pushing against what is present in our life we open the space for healing & transformation.

I hope this is useful.

– Hannah Quinn D.O.M.

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